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Eco-Nuri was developed under the theme of“contribution to society”, “environmental protection”, and “helping others”. It is a coating agent having superior flexibility, adhesion, heat-insulation property, and design.
Revolutionary exterior and interior finish.
Just a thin layer of “Eco-Nuri” will insulate the room.
It is an innovative eco-material that beautifies the appearance of the applied surface and also may bring in “reduction of electricity expense”, “cost reduction”, and “great heat-insulating effect”. Insulation is attracting great attention in the market, as it is an effective measure to keep the room temperature constant and save money on electricity.

Heat-shielding effect
It helps create an environment that remains cool in summer and warm in winter.

We applied “Eco-Nuri” on a colored steel sheet, and compared the temperature change on the roof surface and in the room between the applied and non-applied cases. The result showed that the roof surface temperature was reduced by up to 20℃, and room temperature was reduced by up to 5℃.
Air conditioning in summer consumes a lot of electricity. As the room temperature will be lowered, we can turn down the air conditioning, which may result in a great cost reduction, especially for business offices, stores, and plants.
In winter, the room temperature will be kept warmer by 2 to 3℃ to help ease the freeze.

Test result

Eco-Nuri is hardly affected by the exterior temperature, and is effective in keeping the room temperature constant.
It can be concluded that compared to general heat-insulating coating agents, clothes, or paints used in the experiment, Eco-Nuri has more superior heat-insulating effect.

Thermographic measurement of temperature propagation in Eco-Nuri-applied steel sheet heated from inside by fan heater.

Even before heating, the effect of Eco-Nuri is obvious. The general temperature of the steel sheet was about 21.4℃, while the Eco-Nuri-applied part was 20℃. When the back side of the steel sheet was heated for 5 minutes by fan heater, the temperature of the steel sheet increased to 23℃ or above, the center being more than 30℃. However, the Eco-Nuri-applied part’s maximum temperature was about 23℃, showing 7℃ to 8℃ heat insulating effect, and the temperature stayed the same in the majority of the surface area. Moreover, it was confirmed that the area of temperature propagation did not expand. When we measured the temperature distribution after 5 minutes of heat release, the temperature of the steel sheet went down by 8℃ to 22℃, but the Eco-Nuri applied part was 21℃, which is only about 2℃ decrease.

Test Result

Eco-Nuri has superior heat-insulating effect against temperature increase, and heat-retaining effect against temperature decrease.

Heat block coat
Clean air that is also good for your body.

Use “Eco-Nuri,” which contains a lot of air, as heat-insulating foundation, and finish with “Zero VOC Enamel,” which is proven to be effective in air pollution prevention.
Heat Block Coat has strong heat-insulating effect and can powerfully stop toxic gas and odor generation from the foundation.

Environmentally-friendly eco-material
Next-generation eco material that doesn’t generate waste.

As no peeling off or tearing down of the original surface is required before applying Eco-Nuri, it can be applied over any surface beautifully.
Therefore no waste, such as peeled materials from the surface, is generated and the application process itself remains environmentally friendly.

Abundant variation
Choose your favorite color and texture to create your original finish!
Eco-Nuri original finish

You can enjoy various textures, from smooth finish to rough finish.

Mental healing effect

”Zero VOC Enamel” employs Ayurveda and lets you easily choose the best combination of colors for you from “VATA”, “PITTA”, and “KAPHA”.
When the chosen colors are combined, a color with healing effect will be created. Mental health is also important!

Easy application
A coating agent with a great possibility applicable to any foundation or place.

It can be applied to any surface, including cloth, iron, veneer, wood, concrete, and tile.

It can be applied to not only interior walls but also exterior walls, or to virtually anywhere!

It can be applied to any surface, including cloth, iron, veneer, wood, concrete, and tile!

High durability
Easy to maintain as it is strong against “cracks”, “molds”, and “rusts”!

As Eco-Nuri inhibits growth of molds, the applied walls, ceilings, and floors will be hard to get moldy. By applying Proof Coat over Eco-Nuri (Proof Coat is a mold-proofing agent), the mold-proofing effect will be even stronger.


Eco-Nuri is flexible and moves with the foundation, so it hardly cracks!

A protective layer over a waterproof material

Applied over urethane-based waterproof material to create beautiful look.


Regular white lines would disappear within 6 months under the facility’s hard condition where there is a lot of traffic including trucks, but this line is still intact even after 1 year from application.


Eco-Nuri is hard to rust and especially effective when applied on iron.