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Let’s start eco-life
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Daiko Technical Corporation develops wide variety of products under the theme of ecology and health.
We have a series of products that show superior energy-saving effects when applied on the glass or walls. We are sure that you can find an eco-product that matches your lifestyle.

Eco-Glass Coat
Just by applying it on a glass surface, its energy-saving effect will increase by 20%!
Daiko Technical Ecology
Eco-Glass Coat is a heat-shielding coating agent for window glass containing nano-dispersed metal oxide (patented product).
It works extremely well in various ways from energy-saving, heat-shielding, and UV protection to antibacterial, heat-retention, and dew condensation reduction, and it is a well-balanced product in terms of its cost, benefit, and durability performances.
Just by applying it on the glass panels of your house or store, it will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, while cutting harmful ultraviolet light by 99%! It will also repel bugs.

Cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Just applying it on the wall will make your life more comfortable.
Daiko Technical ecology
A special coating agent made of eco material with superior heat-insulation and heat-block effects. Comes in many colors and applicable to both interior and exterior walls of any material.
It can be applied on the original wall paper, so it reduces the waste and shortens the time needed for application.

A fast-cooling coating agent developed focusing on heat rejection.
Daiko Technical Ecology
Adgreencoat® is a coating agent that “cools fast” developed as a measure against heat-island phenomenon focusing on heat rejection.
As Adgreencoat® was developed by applying the world’s top non-porous microscopic spherical particles fine ceramics (known as ADMAFINE) into a coating agent for building materials, it irregularly reflects the near-infrared ray of the sunlight. (ADMAFINE is a material typically used as a heat measure for precision equipment (TVs, cell phones, cameras, etc.) such as sealing materials for semiconductors.) The unique double blind effects of its heat rejection function prevents “heat accumulation” in the coated exterior wall by keeping its temperature similar to the ambient temperature.