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Quick effectNS-20
It works well for removal and inhibition of molds, removal of slimes and urinal cakes, and elimination of odor.

Clean water areas such as restrooms and shower rooms would give great impression to customers. The easy-to-use NS-20 with long-lasting effect will help reduce your labor time and cost while improving your company’s image.

Rinses well and dries fast!

Thoroughly cleaned rooms make users happy!
It can be used on various places such as in and around bathrooms, bathtubs, metal faucets, shower hoses and curtains, restrooms, sinks, etc.

Lasting sterilizing effectNS-20
Prevents molds completely! Instantly removes scales and sebum stains.

It inhibits growth of molds by its sterilizing ingredients directly working on mold spores, instead of by bleaching.
Its mold-prevention and sterilizing effect will be even stronger when used repeatedly!

Effective against greasy dirtAK-50

People-friendly and environmentally-friendly ingredients remove stains effectively.

The sodium ion and hydroxide ion contained in AK-50 act on the fats of the stains and cause saponification reaction (a reaction to create soap). The created soap and glycerin prevent dirt from adhering to drains, etc. again.
Soap and glycerin are biodegradable and environmentally-friendly. It also contains marine collagen, which is gentle to your skin and prevents hand rashes.

This one cleaner works for various purposes.

As AK-50 is an alkaline cleaner, it works well for greasy stains. This one cleaner can replace the multiple cleaners you are using. It can be used for many places, not just kitchen and bathroom. *Please avoid using on aluminum surface.

It gives sense of safety as it cleans and sterilizes at the same time.

The hydroxyl ions (OH-) electronically destroys and kills bacteria by removing electrons of bacteria. At the same time, the superior cell destruction property of the hydroxyl radical (•OH) enables sterilizing effect and bacteriostatic effect. These sterilization mechanism is so effective that it can kill E. coli, which has been a problem in hospitals and other medical institutions, in just 10 seconds.
Ak-50 has strong detergency along with sterilizing effect equivalent to current disinfectants.

How to use effectivelyNS-20 AK-50
A story of molds

Mold spores are very small and usually invisible. But spores are always drifting on the air, and with adequate amount of water, they germinate and start growing. When billions of spores grow, they become visible as black mold.

Why NS-20 is effective against molds?

NS-20 contains a unique blend of multiple types of surfactants each having different effects, such as “removing and draining molds and bacteria”, “removing dirt that cultivate molds”, and “accelerating the drying process after cleaning.” These three effects work synergistically in preventing spore germination, and anti-molds and prevent bacteria.

Two types are available for different purposes.

How to use

Customer’s voice ~ “I tried it”
Bathrooms (metal parts such as faucets, shower curtains, and shower hoses)

Bathroom is the most vulnerable place to molds. NS-20 removes soap scums or other dirt and odor on the drain.
“The pink slime on the drain has been removed. (Male, company employee)”
“The black mold on the shower hose gradually disappeared after repeated use. (Female, housewife)”

Restrooms (floor, backside of toilet bowl)

Restroom’s bad odor is not only from stool, but also from growing bacteria. NS-20 eliminates the origin of odor.
“The bacterial odor in our restroom has disappeared. (Male, hotel employee)”
“The urinal cakes that were only removable by chlorine or acidic cleaners have been gradually removed. (Female, building maintenance company)”

Frequently Asked Questions
How is it effective against bacteria?
NS-20 contains ingredients that kill mold spores and bacteria. Therefore it exhibits strong sterilizing and antibacterial effects on the applied surface. When you wash off the cleansed surface with water, dead bacteria will also be washed off and the surface will be left clean.
Can we expect sterilizing effect to last after washing off the cleaner?
When the dirt is washed off, the cleansing ingredients are also washed off. But new mold spores and bacteria cannot survive if NS-20 is applied again. That means, as far as you use it every day, the effect against bacteria will last. NS-20’s effect is maximized when used regularly.
How is it different from other mold-removers?
Typical mold removers whitens black molds by bleaching them with hypochlorous acid, but do not remove mold spores.
The ingredients of NS-20 do not have such immediate effects as bleaching, but it completely kills mold spores and peels them off little by little. Therefore the more you use it, the more molds will be removed. Moreover, as it removes molds from their roots, it also works on grown molds. These are the characteristics of NS-20.
Can it remove urinal cakes and biofilms?
Yes. Mildly acidic NS-20 can remove urinal cakes and biofilms. But for removal of stubborn urinal scales, strongly acidic cleaners are more effective.
How is it different from the cleaners sold at stores?
It has more functions, such as sterilizing effect, mold-prevention/removal effect, and rinses well.
Is it safe for human, environment, and facility?
NS-20 cares about its impact on the environment. Compared to its competitors, its component concentration is set to be very low (COD value and BOD value are low), therefore it doesn’t affect human body when used as indicated.
Can we use it for places other than bathroom or restroom?
NS-20 can be used for cleaning various wet areas. For greasy dirt, we have AK-50.
Why does it rinse fast?
The biggest reason is because its surfactant concentration is low.
Why it can shine metal parts?
The major component of the dirt on metal parts is calcium salts (e.g. calcium carbonate, calcium soap). NS-20 contains an ingredient that dissolves calcium salts.
●Please use the spray container recommended by us. ●Please DO NOT blend with chlorine-containing detergents (such as Kabi Killer, etc.). ●Do not use on marble surface (excluding some artificial marble).
●When not washable with water, wipe off with waste clothes, etc. ●Please read the instruction thoroughly before use and use it properly.

NS-20 Ingredient Chart
Ingredient name
How it works
Cationic surfactant
Removes molds and bacteria. Completely removes yellow tint and slimes.
Amphoteric surfactant
Removes soap scums. Adjusts bubble formation.
Nonionic surfactant
Wettability enhancer
Promotes wetting process of the product and accelerates drying.
Organic acid/chelating agent
Metal capture
Captures metal ions in the water and increases detergency.
Nitrogen-containing high polymer
Removes urinal cakes and biofilms.
Added to scent the product.
Coloring agent
Added to color the product.
AK-50 Ingredient Chart
Ingredient name
How it works
Potassium hydrogencarbonate
Has antibacterial effect.
Nonionic surfactant
Wettability enhancer
Promotes wetting process of the product and accelerates drying.
Special carboxylic acid
Metal capture
Captures metal ions in the water and increases detergency.
Marine collagen
Hand rash prevention
As it has superior moisturizing effect and easily penetrates into the skin, it works well for prevention of hand rash.