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Features of the heat-shielding coating agent, “Adgreencoat®”
A fast-cooling coating agent developed focusing on heat rejection.

Adgreencoat® is a coating agent that “cools fast” developed as a measure against heat-island phenomenon focusing on heat rejection.
As Adgreencoat® was developed by applying the world’s top non-porous microscopic spherical particles fine ceramics (known as ADMAFINE) into a coating agent for building materials, it irregularly reflects the near-infrared ray of the sunlight. (ADMAFINE is a material typically used as a heat measure for precision equipment (TVs, cell phones, cameras, etc.) such as sealing materials for semiconductors.) The unique double blind effects of its heat rejection function prevents “heat accumulation” in the coated exterior wall by keeping its temperature similar to the ambient temperature.

Reduces electricity expense by 20%! An energy-saving, and power-saving coating agent with immediate effect

As it releases heat from inside the room, it reduces the need for excessive air conditioning, and thus immediately contributes to power-saving.

A coating agent characterized by beautiful coating film that creates excellent appearance.

As Adgreencoat® is made with ADMAFINE, its coating film is beautifully thin, smooth and even, and hard to accumulate dust, demonstrating excellent stain-proofing effect and durability.

Increases work efficiency! Easy application.

It can be applied more easily than any of its competitors with a brush, roller, or airless spray. Because of the simplified application process, it can be a cost-effective heat-shielding measure.

An heat-shielding coating agent that truly cares about the environment.

It is widely recognized as an environmentally friendly coating agent in the world, and has obtained the Green Label in Singapore, the Environment Label in China, Taiwan Greenmark Income, and the Eco Mark Certification in Japan. It is also a carbon-offset product, and is a safe and secure water-based heat-shielding coating agent validated and certified by many public institutions.

Secret of its functionality
Adgreencoat® is one-of-a-kind, luxurious coating agent that employs the functions of the world’s top fine ceramics used as heat insulator for high-tech equipment.
Adgreencoat’s overall strength
Adgreencoat’s superiority
Adgreencoat® is your choice if you focus on superiority (heat-shielding effect, applicability, appearance, and structure protection), environment, and total cost.

A ceramic coating agent, Adgreencoat focuses on its ingredients; it is made of spherical, nano, and amorphous fine ceramics.

Traditional (heat-insulating coating agent) Adgreencoat Effect
Film thickness Thick application Thin application Multiple recoating is possible.
Dirt prevention Easy to get dirt Hard to get dirt Its finish is beautiful and its functionality lasts.
Applicability Hard to apply Easy to apply Easy to apply and can reduce lead time.
Heat-shielding effect Accumulates heat Doesn’t accumulate heat (releases heat) Fast-cooling coating agent
Adgreencoat’s environmental measures
A coating agent usable around the world

Our Adgreencoat® can cross the borders. Fluorine-based coating agents cannot cross the borders.
What is allowed to cross the border indicates the attitude of that country toward environmental protection.

We do not mean to criticize fluorine-based coating agents. They are the best coating agent to be applied to a place where reapplication is not easy, as they last many years.
However, coating agents don’t last forever.
They will eventually decay in the nature. Even if they last for 30 years, it is such a short period of time compared to the life of the earth.
We consider that 30 years is very short.
It is important for us to try to minimize the volatile organic compounds (VOC), which is a generic name of volatile organic compounds that changes to gaseous state in the atmosphere, containing various materials such as toluene, xylene, and ethyl acetate. We believe it is important for a coating agent to have a reasonable level of resistance to weather and cause less secondary damages, meaning not harmful to the earth.
When fluorine-based coating agents should not be used too often, the coating agent that we can proudly present to the next generation should be Adgreencoat®, since it not only is a water-based coating agent, but also has various evidences and certifications as an environmentally-friendly agent.

Registered in the “New Technology Information System (NETIS)” of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
Registration No. CB-070001-A (*Earthquake disaster reconstruction and recovery support product)
Adgreencoat® is recommended for many companies as a “New Market Support Product” of the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center.
Adgreencoat® is a coating agent with superior solar reflectivity that belongs to designated procurement items under Act on Promoting Green Purchasing.

Total cost
Compared to general coating agents, initial cost is higher, but comfortableness lasts for a long time and we can also contribute to environmental protection.
We can say that the total cost is low, considering the “safety, security, contribution to environmental protection and energy-saving, and comfortableness” that this product offers, as well as its power-saving effect.

About 70% to 80% of the total cost is for application, and 20% to 30% is for the material (coating agent). The difference in the material cost can be offset by the reduced electricity charge due to its “power-saving effect”, and thus the overall initial cost will be about the same as other coating agents.

Superior heat-shielding effect
With its unique double blind effects derived from superior solar reflectivity and heat rejection function, Adgreencoat® exhibits its unique functionality.

The essential property of a heat-shielding coating agent is “fast-cooling.” It is a rational coating agent and all customers would agree with that.
To accelerating the cooling process, we focused on a special ceramics whose form is suitable for rejecting heat.
〇The original functionality of ceramics……Solar reflectivity
〇The added functionality derived from its form……Radiation and rejection of heat
We realized these two effects.
These are the effect of non-porous microscopic spherical particles.

Selected by major companies
A sign of security

Major companies have superior abilities to gather information about coating agents. The fact that a coating agent is applied to those major companies’ office buildings, plants, and warehouses shows that it is a reliable product.

Also effective on dark colors
Spherical, nano, and amorphous fine ceramics

As white color (or pale colors) are the most effective in shielding heats, most coating agents were in pale colors.
This is because general heat-shielding coating agents rely on the solar reflectivity of pale colors, and dark colors won’t work well as they do not effectively reflect lights.
As Adgreencoat® is made with spherical, nano, and amorphous fine ceramics which has high solar (infrared light) reflectivity, it reflects lights well even when they are in dark colors.
If you definitely need a dark-colored coating agent, please consider Adgreencoat®.