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Inorganic ceramic coating agent, HG Coat
Powerfully protects base materials with transparent ceramic film

HG Coat is a coating agent that forms a transparent ceramic film.
This film has resistance to UV lights and has superior incombustibility, acid resistance, water nonpermeability, and contamination resistance. Just a thin layer of this film can work as a gas barrier having corrosion resistant property that can protect the foundation.


1. An inorganic coating film that has superior resistance to weather, chemicals, and heat.
2. The hard film has superior wear and abrasion resistances and hard to get scratched.
3. It is a cold-curing coating agent, so it can be applied at the construction site.
4. Graffiti and poster prevention effect (Hg Coat α).

Coating comparison

Heated a partially-coated stainless steel plate with a gas burner, and compared the result between the coated portion and uncoated portion. When we stopped burning, the coating film broke due to abrupt cooling, but thanks to the gas barrier property of the film, there was no discoloration of the plate surface by oxidation.

After coating and dry-curing a part of a stainless steel plate, soaked it in hydrochloric acid solution. Only uncoated part was discolored.

Building exterior (painted surface, etc.) Maintains good appearance for a long time and reduces maintenance burden
Building interior Protects and prevents staining of floors, ceramics, and walls.
Metal Prevents rust and degradation
Stone materials, tile joints Prevents rust and dirt
Type HG Coat R (solution 1)
Color Very light yellow transparent
Coating film property Glossy
Appropriate coating film thickness 5~15µ
Dilution Isopropyl alcohol (IPA)

Once mixed, it absorbs moisture and hardens. Therefore please store is in a cool, dark place in a sealed container.
(If stored in a sealed container under low temperature, it will last for a few weeks.)
The coating film itself has resistance to 700℃ heat. Transparent curing agent is also available.
Various types are available for different base materials, applications, and functionalities.
Graffiti prevention type…HG Coat α (two solutions; main agent and curing agent)
Dedicated primer (metal, resin, stone)…RMB-10 (two-solution type: main agent and catalyst)

Material characteristics
Type HG Coat/td>
Ingredient Sio2
Maximum coating film thickness ~13µ
Heatproof temperature (℃) 700℃
Hardness (depends on cure condition) ~7H
Specific gravity (25℃) 1.05
Viscosity (CP) 40
PH 5.0
Refractive index (Becke’s line method) 1.43
Volume resistivity (at 25℃, Ω-cm) 1014<
Glass components in the solution (%) 57
Diluent* IPA

*Diluent is not always necessary. (IPA=isopropyl alcohol)

Data on HG Coat
Coating film curing time

Touch drying (atmospheric temperature is at 20℃)…2 to 3 hours
Standard curing (Hardness H~2H)…24 hours
Full curing Baking at 150℃ for 30 minutes (this is a rough guide).
(It reacts by normal-temperature long-term curing, but it will be hard for the coating film to be completely inorganic.)

Manifestation of coating film performance

1. Incombustible film formation…Around 40 hours (may slightly differ depending on the film thickness)
2. Solvent resistant film foaming…3 days or more (It reacts to solutions at first, but it will gradually become resistant when dried by heated air or after long-term curing.)
3. Water resistant film forming…Around 24 hours (may slightly differ depending on the film thickness)

Accelerated weathering test

Test machine: Super UV Tester W-3
UV irradiation: 90mW RH70%
Dew Cycle:Light/dark 4/2hrs Water Spray 15sec/30min